Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Thing 5

Keeping Up
If I were unable to live without my iPod, I would probably download the Remember the Milk app from this exercise.  I liked the versatility of it and the editing qualities.  I'm not used to looking to my iPod to remember shopping lists or tasks for the day at work and so I'm not going to actually download this app as it will just sit there waiting for me to remember the milk.  For those who have gone totally paperless, this would be the app I would recommend.  I liked that tasks could be added to the list and then categorized, so you know if it's work related or not.  Also, I like the feature that allows you to mark an item completed or to postpone it, as well as the app automatically moving tasks to the next day that were left uncompleted for that day.  An awesome tool for those totally dependent on their device.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Thing 4

Keeping up - whoa.  I chose to go with Zite.  I chose my topics and was immediately inundated with a flood of articles.  The topics are what I picked, but I wish they were grouped according to topic.  When I thumbed through my results, I had pop culture and heavy news stories piled on top of one another.  I guess I prefer having my topics in a neat and orderly order.  I can see where something like this would be good for someone who does a lot of travel and doesn't want to buy every magazine or newspaper to get their news, but for me this feels a little  cumbersome.  I would recommend this app for patrons that need constant input.

Also, I loaded the RedLaser app on my ipod.  It was interesting when I scanned an item I had purchased and it showed me the full price of the item.  I had made my purchase based on the fact that the item was on sale.  I was hoping that this app would show sale prices as well, it would make it much easier to do comparison shopping.  A little disappointed that it isn't exactly what I was hoping for.  This would be interesting to include on a program about apps or couponing/frugal shopping - even though it doesn't seem to recognize sale prices.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thing 3

Utilities!  I have a QR/barcode scanner on my ipod that I have used to scan books etc., but a scanner that can do price comparisons for me would be fabulous!  Can't wait to hit the stores with my new RedLaser app.  I am also looking forward to using Google gooles and the wi-fi finder.  There have been many times when I have wandered around looking like I'm scanning for new life forms with my tricorder, when really I'm hoping for a  little wi-fi :-)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thing 2

I did a search for tips and tricks for the iPod touch and found out I can save a ton of battery life by turning off my Bluetooth.  Who knew?

I'm Back In!

Successfully registered for the 2014 23 Things!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Thing 5

March 21, 2008

I am only on my 5th "project" and find I am disliking this whole experience with more and more vigor the deeper I get into it. Perhaps I have mentioned that I have no experience with the land of 2.0 and so explicit instructions for each 'thing' would make my day. Unfortunately, I feel I spend a lot of time fumbling around trying to figure things out that I would really rather give up on. End of rant.

Thing 5 is, again, interesting on some level. There is useful stuff here for the web-savy. A creative library page could definitely benefit from these different applications.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Thing 4

March 14, 2008

Well, I found some really interesting pictures and posted my favorite. Can't go wrong with the Eiffel Tower. I realize the image is huge and maybe I can figure out a way to resize so it fits better on my page. I would like to have it higher on the page so it is seen right away when page is opened. Something to work on.

The use of Flikr for library related use is intriguing. I think it would be great to do something like the Clemens and Alcuin libraries and make the catalog a little more interactive. I am still unfamiliar enough with Flikr that the thought of taking on something to that scale, makes my head hurt. Getting my one picture was painful enough - it is a great picture though, so well worth it!